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NIR analyser of grain and flour content is an advanced hi-tech device for measuring grain and flour composition by spectral analysis in the near-infrared spectral range.

Why should you have it?

  • Very accurate analysis of grain or mill product composition owing to the application of advanced spectrophotometry in the near-infrared spectral range.
  • An option to extend the menu with new calibrations – up to 50 calibration banks.
  • Allows for stroing measurement results, including dates and times.
  • Has an integrated thermal printer for measurement printouts.
  • An option to send data to a computer with the use of RS connection.
  • A clear and backlit display.
  • Solid and durable metal casing that assures stable operation.

The device is designed for:

  1. The companies buying grain fro processing purposes
  2. Business entities producing and storing large amounts of grain
  3. Medium and large businesses buying grain for ARR during the intervention purchase for the purpose of safekeeping
  4. Grain processing factories
  5. Fodder manufacturing companies
  6. Other institutions that require fast and efficient control of grain and flour parameters.

Measurement of the most important parameters:

  • protein
  • gluten
  • Zeleny sedimentation indicator
  • ash (for flour)
  • moisture

Before the measurement, a grain sample should be crushed on a special mill that is paired with the device and is specially selected for this type of measurements.

Technical specification NIR

Unit weight 25.0 kg
Power supply 220-250 V / 50 Hz mains
Measurement ambient temperature from 15°C to 35°C
Storage temperature temperature from 10 to 40°C, relative humidity below 85%
Method of analysis
spectral analysis by NIR reflectometry
Measurement control
single chip microcomputer
Display LCD with LED backlight
Keyboard membrane
Calibration calibration data for each spectral range filter/product combination stored in the device memory

Technical specification disc grinder SJ500

Engine power  0.5 KM
Engine speed  1400 RPM
Power supply 220-250 V
Power consumption 350 W
Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 28.0 x 18.0 x 57.0 cm


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