Grain Moisture Meter, Twist Grain Pro for coffee & cocoa

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Precise coffee and cocoa moisture meter with sample compression. Ideal for coffee and cocoa production, processing, storage and transport.

Available species and measuring ranges:

  • Cocoa 4% – 20%
  • Green Coffee Arabica 8% – 30%
  • Green Coffee Robusta 8% – 30%
  • Parchment coffee Arabica 8% – 39%
  • Dry coffee cherry 6% – 21%
  • Coffee Arabica coarsely milled 2% – 10,5%
  • Coffee Arabica finely milled 2% – 9,5%
  • Coffee Robusta coarsely milled 2% – 11,5%
  • Coffee Robusta finely milled 2,5% – 8,5%
  • Roasted coffee Arabica 2% – 9,5%
  • Roasted coffee Robusta 2% – 9%

The kit includes:

  • DRAMIŃSKI TG pro coffee & cocoa moisture meter,
  • test chamber clamping nut (with mounted 3V CR-2032 battery),
  • carry case,
  • carrying strap for the case,
  • 4x AA, 1,5V alkaline batteries,
  • a rubber cover for the mini USB port,
  • USB cable for communication with a computer,
  • transport packaging,
  • professional user manual.


We grant 3-year warranty for our moisture testers.

Technical data

Dimensions 16,5 × 7,0 × 7,5 cm
Device weight
520 g (incl. battery and nut)
Filling the chamber manually
Moisture measurement method impedance on 4 frequencies
Sample volume 90 ml
Measuring control
single-chip microcomputer
Power supply 4 1.5V AA batteries + 1 3V CR-2032 battery
Current input 30 to 72 mA depending on user settings
Approximate continuous operation time on a set of batteries 77 hours with backlight set to 0%
54 hours with backlight set to 30%
Battery charge indicator graphical
Display resolution moisture – 0.1%, temperature – 0.1°C
Moisture measurement accuracy ± 0,5% for standard grain
± 1% within the range up to 10% moisture content
± 1,5% within the range above 10% moisture content and may grow with the increase of sample moisture content
Temperature measurement accuracy ± 0.5°C from 0°C to 85°C
± 0.9°F from 32°F to 185°F
Temperature measurement range 0°C to 125°C
Correction of indications from the keyboard – modification option
Data record internal memory
Internal memory capacity – 50,000 measurements with date and time
– 20 external temperature probes recognised automatically by ID number
– language versions
– 400 varieties
Memory status check from the menu item
External temperature probe with digital temperature sensor, connected via mini-USB port
Display 2″ LCD with LED backlight
Keyboard membrane
Temperature compensation automatically included
Additional features real-time clock,
saving measurements to memory (with date, time and sample number),
data transmission to a computer,
memory status preview,
battery status preview,
temperature measurement with external probe,
change of operating mode (standard/advanced),
modification of moisture indications,
adding new varieties with special codes,
average result calculation,
automatic temperature compensation,
pop-up menu,
display operating parameter settings,
language selection,
temperature scale selection,
automatic shutdown time change,
data and software update,
special software for managing data stored in the computer (generating reports, spreadsheets, graphs, printouts)
Recommended operating temperature 10°C to 35°C
Recommended storage temperature 5°C to 45°C


Delivery within 2-45 business days.