Iron Test Kit measures iron in food

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Iron Test Kit is a state-of-the–art device. This first of its kind portable photometer determines iron quantitatively. Iron Test Kit measures the color reaction in the reagent vial and calculates the iron content in mg Fe/L. It is used to measure Iron in vitamin premixes, flour, soy- and fish-sauce and beverages.

The Iron Test Kit consists of two parts, the device and the test kit. The device has a 2-year warranty and the test kit is consumable goods with a shelf-life of 12 months. One test kit includes 100 reagent vials for 100 individual analyses.

Content: 100 reagent vials and 20 additive vials; 120 syringes – 1.0 mL; 100 needles – 1.6mm x 25mm; 20 needles – 0.8mm x 16mm

Chemical composition: Bathophenantrolin in organic solvent, reducing and chelating agents

Volume per reagent vial: 2.0 mL

Shelf life: 12 months at 20-30°C, no direct sunlight, upright

Dimension of test kit: 26 x 14.5 x 16.5 cm

Disposal instructions: Hazardous waste

Optional equipment: Manual centrifuge, 50 mL falcons, weighing dishes, reference samples


  • Iron Test Kit (device)
  • Iron Test Kit (for 100 analyses)
  • Iron Vials - for Training Purpose
  • Manual Centrifuge

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