Sound Level Meter

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Whether it is machine noise, environmental noise, aircraft noise or noise in the workplace – this Sound Level Meter can be used wherever sound levels need to be determined.

Both very quiet and extremely loud noise sources can be reliably measured with the Sound Level Meter.

An attachable windscreen is included so that the measured values are not distorted by the wind noise of the microphone.

In addition, maximum and minimum values can be displayed.

The Sound Level Meter comes with a tripod connector for measurements over a longer period of time.


  • Ideal for the simple measurement of noise levels in your living environment, at work or during different leisure activities
  • A-weighting (dBA) sound level measurement
  • MAX/MIN/HOLD function
  • Precision ±1,4 dB
  • Backlight
  • With windshield and tripod connector
  • Compliant with IEC 61672-1 class 2

Technical data

Measuring range dB: 30...130
Delivery contents Sound level meter, wind protector, battery, instruction manual
Material Plastic
Power consumption Battery
Batteries included Yes
Batteries 1 x 9 V
Dimensions (L) 52 x (B) 35 x (H) 155 mm
Weight 115 g


Delivery within 2-45 business days.