TDR Soil Moisture with Probes

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Precise as a laboratory and as mobile as a cell phone.

This TDR device measuring the soil moisture content, the soil conductivity EC, and the level of salt contamination can now be performed as fast and easy as never before! Within two seconds, the moisture content value, the temperature, and the soil conductivity EC are displayed on its clear display.

  • The probes will report soil EC as standard simultaneously with soil moisture content percentage.
  • The probes measures conductivity with the same large soil volume as it will be used for the TDR moisture measurement.
  • It’s durable and waterproof construction ensures safe handling even under difficult environmental conditions.

Soil Moisture readings for top layers

Using a highly accurate TDR probe for:

  • Highly accurate TDR technology
  • Direct measurement of soil moisture content
  • Integrated soil temperature sensor
  • Soil electrical conductivity measurements
  • Large measurement volumes
  • User replaceable rods.

Benefits at a glance

  • Extremely robust and stable
  • Powerful battery for hundreds of measurements
  • Easy use with one hand via four buttons
  • High reliability even under challenging environmental conditions

Applications and advantages

  • Connected to the TDR is the two-rod probe
  • Based on radar technology
  • Handy two-rod probe with solid rods
  • Measurement via radar technology with an electromagnetic TDR impulse with 1 GHz to measure the water content precisely to material saturation
  • Display of measuring value within two seconds
  • Robust and watertight structure
  • Probe can be connected to a PC for data collection, change of operation mode or calibration
  • Delivery with a resistant hard shell case for trouble-free transport

Technical Specifications








(with accumulator)

Power Consumption

Power Down

ca. 35μA


- Background Illum. OFF
- Background Illum. Max

ca. 26mA
ca. 56mA

Sonde eingeschaltet

ca. 100mA


ca. 350 mA

Measurement per Charge

20°C / Background Illum. Max
Mode – Continuous Measurement

ca. 5000

Connectable Sensors

TDR tube access probe

Storage Temperature

-30°C up to 80°C

Operating Temperature

-20°C up to 70°C

Charging Temperature

10°C up to 30°C

Charging Voltage

Nom. 12V, Max. 15V, Min. 12V

Charging Current

ca. 1A

Charging Time

At exhaustively discharged accumulator. 2h


Ni-MH (4 x 1.2V) (AA), 2000mAh, >1500 Measurements

Physical BUS



IMP-BUS-Protokoll II

IMP-Bus Port Settings

8 Data Bits, 2 Stopp Bits, Odd Parity


TDR Moisture Sensor Probe Technical Specifications:

Power supply:


Power consumption:

100mA @ 12V/DC during 2..3 sec. of measuring

Moisture measuring range:

0..100% volumetric water content

Accuracy (in % volumetric water content):

conductivity range:



> 20dS/m

Moisture range 0..40%:



with material 
specific calibration

Moisture range 40..70%:



Repeating accuracy:



Temperature caused drift of electronics 
(full range):


Soil temperature measuring range:


Soil temperature measuring accuracy:

±1,5°C absolute, ±0,5°C relative

Measurement volume:

1,25L ≙ 160x100mm diameter

Operating Temperature:

-15°C...50°C (extended temperature range on request)


Calibration for a wide range of standard soil types (in accordance with Topp (equation))

standard calibration for most soils
customizable material specific calibration
storage of up to 15 user defined calibration curves
calibration of dialectric permittivity is possible

Probe body:

waterproof sealed PVC


155 x Ø63mm

Rod length:


Rod diameter:



Analogue output: 2x 0..1V, 0(4)..20mA*


Delivery within 2-45 business days.